My first exposure to diving was back in 1976 when I worked in the retail diving business. Throughout the years, I’ve gained experience in selling, servicing and instruction. After changing careers, my diving companions had urged me to continue with Wet Suit/Dry Suit repairs and alterations in order to provide them with the quality workmanship they had come accustom to.

I started Sure-Fit Manufacturing in 1983. Since then, I continued to expand my skills and knowledge necessary to keep abreast of the many changes in diving suit materials and styles. Today all of our customers know my 26 years experience combined with quality parts and materials guarantees them comfort and warmth they’ve come to expect. These satisfied customers include members of the federal police, city police, fire departments, national defense, federal government, retail stores as well as scientific divers, commercial divers, the general diving public and all other recreational water sports.

Along with the knowledge of repair/alterations to suits, I’m also involved in the repair/maintenance of all other diving equipment. My qualifications have allowed me to work on various diving operations around the globe. This includes remote environments such as the African coast, to the extreme temperatures of the Arctic. My equipment maintenance qualifications have enabled me to work for National Geographic, diving from a Canadian Coast Guard Icebreaker.

Over 20 Years Experience!